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Orthodontics You Can Count On

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Early Orthodontics

Appliances can be bonded or removable; each appliance has a different function. Some orthodontic treatment can begin with appliances with the aim to prevent surgical intervention and potentially shorten the length of time with braces.
The most commonly used appliances in our practice are the R.P.E (Rapid Palatal Expander), Herbst, and Bionator with headgear.



Helping You Get A Beautiful Smile

Dr. McSweeny personalizes your treatment based on what you are aiming to achieve. Braces are not just for children; many adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment and experiencing the benefits of straighter teeth and a healthier bite. Orthodontic treatment is a very individualized and personalized service and can only be realized with the full co-operation of the patient. 
Please do not hesitate to contact our office to book a consultation and discuss your orthodontic treatment.



Retaining Results

Once your braces are removed, the next most important stage begins. Bonded lingual wires are placed and a removable acrylic retainer is made to be worn at night. The purpose of this retention is to stabilize your teeth for an extended period of time, resisting the elastic tendency of the gum tissue to move teeth back towards their original position.  
Long term studies have found that bonded retainers are the most efficient and effective method of retention. These are fine stainless steel wires cemented behind your top and bottom front six teeth. These retainer wires are aesthetic and comfortable. We recommend that these lingual wire retainers remain in place as long as is practical. 
The removable retainer is typically worn on the top teeth. This removable retainer is to be worn every night for about six months, with reduced wear after this. The intention is to maintain your bite and further prevent movement of your teeth.

Good oral hygiene is incredibly important for maintaining your oral health. We will review the best methods to keep your teeth healthy throughout your treatment.

Please click the below link for a video on how to properly brush and floss while you have braces.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, the information on the below link has been provided by external sources. Dr. McSweeny is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied by external sources. 

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